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Hi Christina,

My first impression of your symptoms lead me to suggest a need to work on your hamstrings (stretching and/or traction or inversion therapy)...whatever works for YOU. My question to you is...when you said your foot ached...whereabouts was this 'ache'? Mine would ache and if I kept walking (or bending, crouching or on my hands and knees)...the ache would turn 'charlie horse' on me right at the arch of my foot.

One good stretching move is when laying face down, stretch one leg (down) as far as comfy--rest. Do the other. Then do the arms (each up-stretch-hold-relax, switch). Then do the opposite arm / leg combo. Each side. Stop if anything causes pain at all. Everything should be done gently, slowly and (almost) time to your breathing is good. Make sure you have at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet when doing this exercise...I hate it when I get "mama-mama-mama I want....." hehe bless their little hearts. :)

I hope this helps.

Oct 2000: Repetitive Stress Injury-Inverted Hernia
Feb 2001: MRI. Shows only slight bulge at L4-L5
Dec 2001: Discogram/CT scan shows Inverted Hernia at L5-S1. L4-L5 & L5-S1 ruptured in all 4 quadrants. Unable to walk.
Feb 2002: IDET, Nucleoplasty, Intra-Discal Injections
Sept 2002: Rated in the top 10% for successful patients. Retraining for new career.

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