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Hey Hon, I think I have the answer! I don't know if that's good or bad because it means I've gone through it and still am. Almost guaranteed that the problem is in your sacrum. I fell from a horse 11years ago and started the ball rolling. It ended up causing a ligament laxity in my hips and basically everything from the waste down.

I get referred pain that is like a hot poker through my crotch and in the area of my ovaries and it's enough to make me jump out of a chair. That's not something you want to explain when someone asks what happened.

Look up sacroiliac joint dysfunction, pubic symphesis dysfunction (if you push down on the pubic mound, right in the middle, it is tender to the touch...this may or may not be related, but once one thing in the hips go, the rest tends to follow). The pain feels very deep in the my left socket, radiates down my thigh and around the front of my thigh, and both the inside of my knees (has caused fallen arches), triggers sciatica down the left side....the right side hurts some, but not nearly like the left. It hurts to sit, too.

It feels like pain that is triggered by sitting and radiates down to your knee and makes you feel like it's throbbing, burning and sharp pain all at once.

Is this you? Have you ever suffered a fall? Have you had a pregnancy that caused a lot of pain (other than normal!!LOL)? Check out a scale to rate if you have hypermobility syndrome? Is one of your legs longer than the other? You won't usually notice this, but if you lay on your back and have someone pull down straight out, and you may see a leg discrepancy. If this is the problem, it's likely caused by a malrotation in the pelvis or something called pelvic asymmetry, usually caused by a fall or accident.

Let me know how much of this fits and when I get more time, I'll tell you what helps and what makes it worse. A big one, if the pubic symphesis is involved is carrying something of weight up stairs. If you do this, you can feel a tearing sensation and if it's bad enough, will make it hurt for several days.

Gotta run, er, limp off, tot's running amok! LOL Good luck and talk to you soon.

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