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Re: Lower back pain
Jan 10, 2003
Hi Margasr...and welcome! :wave:

You have come to the right place friend! There are a lot smart people here (with lots of experience!). You need to be a little more specific with your description of pain. Is it sharp or does it ache? Does it remain localized (just lower back) or does it run down a leg? You said you hurt a couple days after playing basketball (I would discontinue that activity until you know what's happening to you)...are you in bed resting those 2 days and it gets better? Or are you just sore for 2 days, etc.

My first suggestion is to see your doctor...there are so many things this could be. From a pulled or stretched muscle to degenerating disks (everyone's disks degenerate with age...some go faster than others). My recommendation would be to see a Physical Therapist. They are VERY thorough and should be able to pinpoint the exact area causing you discomfort. They can tell if a muscle problem, etc. They will also give you strengthening exercises and such so you will stop getting pain after basketball. I'm thinking the body twisting that goes on in basketball is wearing your back you need to strengthen those muscles (like the piriformis muscle which control hip twisting)--located topside of buttocks. That muscle is over the sciatic nerve...and you DON'T wanna go there...I promise you!

If your pain is more like an ache or soreness (you did too much)...then heat may feel better. If there is ANY sharpness to your pain (usually caused by a nerve being pinched), then you need to ice your back.

I hope this helps you out some. Good luck to you!

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