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Hi Merrida,

I was in the same position and pain as you and any others out there who have a bad back. In 1977, my wife and I have bought a 7 1/2' round foam mattress bed and ever since, my back has been much better. If either of us move in bed, the other one does not notice it or wake the other one up. We have tried so many mattresses that we do not want to see an other one as long as we live. It is so marvelous to sleep on this type of matress that I would never change it for all the money in the world. My suggestion to you, is to buy a foam mattress bed and be careful as there are many foam matress bed for sale and not everyone of them are good. Take you time to shop for a good one. The best way to try them out,is to sit on them and see if the foam comes back up fast or slow. The best ones are the ones that come up as quick as you get up from it and try laying on them and see they will take the form of your body. Lay on them for about 5 minutes so that you can feel what it is doing to your back. Only in this manner, you will be sure that you have the best foam bed for your back.

If you are willing to follow my next suggestion, I have an other way to partially or totally relive your back pain / problem. It's your choice and I am informing you that it does work marvelously as I am one who use it very much and so is my wife.

I you are willing to follow my suggestion, I may be able to help you out to partially or totally relive your pain / problem.

It seems that you may be experiencing Sciatic Nerve entrapment. This Nerve start from your lumber area ( L5 / Sacrum ), goes through your buttock area, around your upper leg bone, splits in two, go around both side of your knee, down on the outside of your lower leg and to your foot. Any of the pain that this nerve is causing will be felt in all or partially in those areas. By the way, that Sciatic Nerve, at your buttock, is almost the size of your thumb. It is the most common type of Back Pain and easy to have. It does not require very much strain to have this Injury / Pain. If caught early enough, it is the easiest one to fix otherwise, it require many session of Massage Therapy. If you are willing to try this Method that I am using on my wife and many of my Clients: " It requires three person, including yourself, to use the special technic. On a very stiff bed, you lay straight on your side, bracing yourself with one hand to sturdy yourself, one person puts his/her hands against your lower back spine so that it does not curve and the third one grabs both of your feet together and brings them forward as far as possible toward your belly then, brings them back down in the same manner to where they were. You then, lay on your belly, the second person holds your lower back spine again and the third person grabs one leg at a time, does not matter which one that you start with, moves it straight outward as far as possible and back then, the other leg in the same manner and back. At that point, you should lay there for a few minutes to catch your breath and then, get out of the bed from your left or right side and not forward. This method should fix your Sciatic Nerve entrapment.

The next thing that you should do and it is extremely important, is to get on a kitchen table and do the following exercise that I will try to describe to you as follow:

Lay and rest your upper body on the table;
Extend your arms forward to hold yourself on the table;
Put both of your leg and feet together;
Lift both of your legs/feet up slowly as far as possible;
put both of your leg and feet back down slowly;

Do as many as you can and repeat as many time during the day and for many more days to come. You will have strenghten your back and as long as you exercise, this Sciatic Nerve problem should not reoccur again to you. You should keep doing this Exercise to keep your back in shape.

You should print this technique so that you do not forget the way it is done. If this technique is not followed to the letter, you will get a lot of pain by its improper use.

Hope that you follow it properly and that it works for you.

Good Luck and God bless

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