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Hi all:

The condition that Niecy is referring to is Arachnoditis.

I had a micro-d L5-S1 on March 13, 2001. I do not regret it one bit. I had bad right leg sciatica and those creepy crawling sensations down both legs, muscle twitching and cramping was happening all day and all night, no right ankle reflex, and most of all both legs were very weak, and it was becoming increasingly hard to walk. Felt like my legs were extrememly heavy and that they were dragging all the time.

It took a good year and a half to feel "better." But it was worth it. Like the other poster said, you wake up thinking about "it" and go to sleep thinking about "it." SO TRUE!!!!!!

Now, after ALOT of my own re-hab (walking and losing weight-50 pounds), I am doing pretty good. I did have disc space collapse after the surgery, but so far, I'm holding my own. Still have some different sensations, but I can deal with it for the most part. Now and then I have to take a Lortab/couple of Advils, but it's nothing like before surgery.

My leg strength has come back. Ankle reflexes are back. No more muscle twitching and cramping. No more numb toes or tingly feelings. No more hip pain or butt cheek pain.

I definitely have to be careful for the rest of my life, but that's ok....I'll take it. I don't carry anything heavy....not even a laundry basket! I use good posture, I don't twist or bend the wrong way. I ALWAYS use knees to bend...never use the back. And I'm REALLY GOOD at picking things up off the floor with my toes!!!!

I waited 15 months before deciding on surgery. I remember clearly that it was January 15, 2001 when I was totally fed up with all this and decided to have surgery. Went to see a new neurosurgeon for the first time, and walked in to his office without an appointment. Luckily, he saw me. I was immediately comfortable with him and he has a good reputation.

Most days I do feel 'something' going on, just as a reminder that I did have surgery and I have to be careful.

I do not regret having the surgery.

I'll be happy to answer any questions and be of help to anybody looking for more information.


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