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Hi to all

Went to the Doc Monday and he released me back to work. Been 30 days at home after my third laminectomy-discectomy at the L4 L5 level. I still have some burning in the leg but he said it will take some time do to the damage. Its my second day at work and feeling better. I think just getting out of the house is a big help. I been swimming twice a day again, and I really think that has kept me going through all my back problems. I use a snorkel and a mask so I donít twist and hyper extend my back doing laps. I will still be reading and posting because I really believe that talking with people how understand your troubles can ease the pain.


Hi there ddp11

Iím at work now going on my 8 days strait. They make you pay when you take some time off. Iím doing ok. Still have some hip pain and burning in the leg. I had this for 2 years before the surgery so I think it will take some time to resolve. When I saw the doctor he did not do much just ask how I was doing. No test or anything. My other doctors in the past did do the leg test and bending. Every doc has its own way. He did tell me not to do anything that triggers the leg pain. I can ride my motorcycle again around town he said, so this weekend Iím taking the wife for a ride J I hope yours and every one else recovery keeps going well!!!!

Hi Jesse
Hang in there. I had a lot of tingling for years after my second surgery. You will get used to it and find, one day the tingling is all gone. Itís no fun, but with the increase of activities soon, you will focus less on your leg. Hope the little one is doing well and you ďwillĒ be playing ball with him when he gets older. I coach my steps son soccer team no matter how bad my back might hurt. The Joy I get from it out ways the pain.


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