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Re: Pre Idet?????
Mar 18, 2003
Hi Success :d

Your views have been such a help. I admire your strong will. I know where you are coming from with your love of horses. My wife was a top indiana Barrell racer, when she was younger. Her love of quarterhorses is emmence. She just recently started riding again after a long lay off (college and Kids). Both my daughters 7 and 3 have begun riding and absolutly love horses [img][/img]. I hope everything works out for you and thanks again for being there for everyone. :angel:

Hi Etoile du :wave:

I have a one level tear and bad herniation on my l5s1 disk. My insurance had no problem accepting. I have ponderd a microdisectomy, but my surgeon said that sometimes the l5s1 is hard to get to in a male because of the height of the hip bone. If insurance would have accepted would you have done Idet or a micro? Thanks for your reply.

Hi Telzy

I have been wondering how you were doing [img][/img]. I can do all those things but only to a degree and NOT WITHOUT ALL SORTS OF PAIN! I guess i have had back pain so long that i am afraid if i dont try something now i wont be able to do the things i liked to do in the future. I hate that you had so many problems with your recovery. Soon you will be pain free [img][/img] Thanks for all your help i will keep checking on you

Hi Cotal or Uconn Fan. Goodluck to you and your team. Idet is a minimally Invasive treatment to deaden Nerves in a Disk. It stands for Intradiscal electrothermal therapy (?) They insert a scope in the disk and HEAT the end to a high degree for 15 minutes. It deadens nerve endings in the disk and is suppose to shrink the bulge or herniation. I just hope it does all that is suppose to. What kind of back problems do you have?

Hoosierfan :bouncing:

Thanks again i hoope that helps.

Years of backpain
Tried all conservative methods with no Luck
IDET 04/10/03
Re: Pre Idet?????
Mar 20, 2003
Hi Hoosier-

I am 19 weeks post-IDET and feeling better. Not every day do I feel great, but many I do.

I am not sure where your pain is exactly, back vs. leg. My pain is all in my back and always has been. I asked a few doctors about a microdisectomy, and they all said that they are best for leg pain, not back pain. So that is why I went for the IDET. So if you have leg pain, I would look into the microdiscectomy. If only back pain, at least from what I know, a micro may not be that much help to you.

The recovery period from IDET is long, but I have been functioning well. At 8 weeks post IDET, I went to Italy for a week and did fine. For whatever reason, I felt great in Italy and the pain returned when I got back. Why? Who knows? Great wine, water?

Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions I might be able to help with :)

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