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Hi Will:

You sure know Fredonia,allright! And I've been to every single one of the bars you mentioned. Maybe that's why I have back problems too??!!??? ha ha ha.... And I still have been known to stop in at one or two of the places! Got to get out and have some fun, ya know?

So, you originally had Dr. Egnatchik? Seemed like I got along with him pretty good. The only thing is that he is EXTREMELY busy and it was hard to get in to him post-op. He was nice enough to see me for the first time without an appointment. That was the day I was totally fed up and just drove to Buffalo with my MRI's and asked to see him. We talked for about 1/2 hour, and I immediately scheduled my micro-d. Glad I did legs were becoming so weak that SOMETHING had to be done. Well, all the leg strength did come back, so I'm VERY thankful for that.

I have heard of Dr. Gibbons. My brother works at Lake Shore Hospital in Irving, and he has heard people talk highly of Dr. Gibbons and told me to go see him too. But by that time I had everything scheduled with Dr. Egnatchik, and since I felt comfortable with him, just decided to get on with it.

I had many opinions before going with surgery and Dr. Eg. I also saw Dr. Grand (nuerosurgeon) at Buffalo General, saw Dr. Simmons (orthosurgeon) in Buffalo, saw Dr. Suddaby (neurosurgeon) in Orchard Park. Everybody agreed on Micro-d L5-S1, so I was comfortable going into surgery knowing that all the other doctors had the same type of surgery in mind.

Hang in there. It definitely will get better. It takes such a long time to come back from back surgery. I was so sick and tired of hearing 'give it time.' But, time is what was needed. I still have reminders that I have had surgery, and am always careful. Still have the numb thigh when standing or walking or laying flat, but all those other sensations are gone (bug crawling feelings, severe muscle twitching, muscle cramping) just to name a few.

I'm impressed that you've done so much walking. 3.5 miles? I haven't even tried that long of a walk yet! Do you walk outside in this freezing cold? That's what's keeping me from walking outside right now. WAY TOO DAMN COLD! ha there's snow and ice all over the place.....but it seems to be melting alittle bit down here in Fredonia. When it gets to 40 or 45 degrees, then I'll probably start up again. I tried the treadmill for about 3 weeks, but stopped. The treadmill seemed to flare things up a bit. And this is 2 years after surgery. March 13th will be my 2nd anniversary since my surgery.

How did your first round of PT go???

Hope to hear from you again, and hope you're doing a little better!

Take care,

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