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Hello everyone. I've been lurking around, reading lots of different topics and posts. There is so much great information and knowledgable people that read these boards! So glad to have found it.

I've noticed that everyone's story and situation is different so I wanted to share mine. Sorry for the length, I don't want to miss anything important...

Scroll down to the ***** to see the diagnosis and forego the background story...

I'm 24 years old, in decent shape. Almost 3 years ago I began getting an ache deep in my left butt (piriformis) when I drove in my car for awhile. I dismissed it as just soreness from driving too long.

A year later I bought a new car, a 2000 trans am. Never got any pain with that car. I did notice the pain coming back when I drove another car for a long time. I figured it was just that some cars aren't comfortable for me, or my butt is too big, whatever.

18 Months later I traded the trans am in for a less risky (lower insurance) car, a 2003 VW Jetta GLI. Car drives great, but the day I bought it, I started getting that familiar left butt pain! Couldn't get comfortable in the car. I tried lots of different things, nothing really helped. Went to an orthopedist, he prescribed physical therapy. That seemed to help, I was almost pain free. I thought it was the lumbar cushion they gave me that I used in the car. Sure enough the pain came back. I started on naprosyn 500mg 2x/day. Did nothing.

Tried Chiropractic, but it was too expensive (not covered by my insurance) and I'm not sure if it helped or not.

*****start here for recent events*****

Next I Went for an MRI and sure enough, L5-S1 DDD AND "broad, shallow dorsal disc herniation" (from radiologist.) Went to a back specialist, he prescribed more PT and more naprosyn. He couldn't find any movement that caused the butt pain. I was feeling better then, I got a new bed and found a new way to sit in the car that wasn't painful. Pain free for about a month.

Sat on a plane (worst seats in the world) for a few hours each way to go visit for the holidays. While visting, my toe on my left foot would start to twitch sometimes. It even kept me up on the plane on the way back. This didn't continue but my leg just didn't feel right and I had periodic back pain and/or butt pain.

A couple weeks ago, I started getting muscle twitching in my left calf WHENEVER I sat down anywhere. This is still happening. I began the second round of physical therapy with the knowledge that I had a disc problem. I get the butt pain sometimes too, but the twitching is much more bothersome. It affects my mood and my driving. I'm lucky that my job is letting me work at home, but that won't last forever. I'm currently waiting to see if PT does anything, so far I still can't sit for longer than a few minutes without wanting to tear my leg off. My doctor wants to do a discogram before even considering surgery. He said that because I have DDD as well as a bulge they would first try a discectomy and if unsuccessful they would fuse L5-S1.

The weird thing is I had no acute injury that I can remember. I played hockey as a kid and fell on my butt a lot. I also fell off a slide and broke my arm around age 6. I did some running when I was a bit heavier (lost about 30 pounds) and I (used to) sit a lot at my job and at home.

I get no shooting pains down my leg, just weird spot pains. My leg just doesn't feel right at all. My back pain isn't my main symptom, though I do have it sometimes accompanied by stiffness. My leg and butt pains and 'sensations' are the main cause of my agony. I don't want to see my doctor if I don't have to, because the thought of driving across town to see him makes me ill. My current plan is to go through the physical therapy, if that doesn't work, I'm going to try chiro for a few weeks. If still no better, back to the doctor and to another one for a 2nd opinion. Should I also see a neurosurgeon?

Thanks for reading my story. I hope it was at least interesting to you. Any helpful advice is much appreciated.

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