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I had the exact thing done dec 01, I was still in pain ,a mylogram and CT showed it ruptured again I then had a fusion done in may 02. The problem with L4-L5 seems to be ok. I have still got pain but I have othe problems , The pain in my leg from that disk is gone so it was successful I suppose . I would ask to have a test done that shows the disk better ,after that 1st surgery the x-ray of it looked fine . I was told it was not unusual for them to rerupture.

The leg pain I was having went away after I had the fusion done,I'd say that I dont remember feeling the sharp leg pain after surgery . It took a couple of weeks for the pain from having surgery to go away, but I honestly dont remember that leg pain once I was out of the hospital.

Be patient. I know how much you want to see results after the ordeal of surgery, but it takes time. My lami/discectomy (L5-S1) was Feb. 11. I also get really pissed off every time I feel pain. Surgery was supposed to cure that. But then you start asking around from people who have done this surgery, and sometimes it can take up to 3 months for everything to be right. My doc told me not to judge the success of the surgery for a whole year.

So just hang in there. I am about on the same time frame since surgery as you, and I still have lower back pain. I had tons of numbness in my feet which went away, lots of leg pain which is only now just starting to disappear, and now the last pain which is getting better is at the surgery area.

Your pain is normal. Ask your dr. about anti-inflammatory meds (Naproxen, or Ibuprofen, or Tylenol or Advil) which will help control the pain you are feeling. Joe - it is going to get better. Just be patient. - dianne

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