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Left sided pain
May 23, 2004
I was wondering if anyone can help me out. For about two months now, I have had a dull ache on my lower left side of my back. The pain is almost non existant when I wake up in the morning, but about two to three hours into the day it starts to flare up. When I lift my left leg, the pain seems to hit around the hip area. I can usually only feel it when I lift my leg. I have tried exercise and walking, but am usually in worse pain afterward..

Two weeks ago I went for a deep tissue massage and I felt the pain, not around my hip, afterwards, but rather near the lower part of the spine, more towards the outside of the spine.

My doc. sent me for an xray, which showed that the spine was "normal", a few mild spots of degeneration, but nothing else, thank god. I also had a kidney ultrasound, which was negative. I have used heat, cold, and am on vioxx, which doesnt do much. I am nervous that I have something major wrong with me.

My primary doc, thinks that it is muscular, from where I indicate the pain. The chiropracter, treats it "non agressively", doesnt offer many suggestions. but also thinks it muscular. I think I am dying of a rare or some sort of organic cancer. Can anyone help? How long does a muscle, disk inflamation type of thing cause pain? Does anyone know what this could be? I would appreciate any input.
Thanks so much!
Felenia :confused:

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