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Hello :wave: <---love this little guy!

I would like to thank all you for your support and all of the good advice that has been sent my way!It is nice to be able to talk with people who can kind of relate to how I am feeling.


Thank you for all your help. As far as wc, I finally started receiving my checks just last week.. after 11 months. I did have to get a lawyer, because wc was paid me in the beginning, and then stopped. I had a court hearing which was my final hearing in Jan..and I won. WC still has not paid my back money that is due to me, but finally started paying me weekly. My lawyer took them back to court last week..for penalties. They were suposse to start paying me after I won in January..but didn't, so they are going to be pentalized. I should of had all my back money and my weekly checks should have started a few months ago. The whole WC thing..has been a nightmare :(

As far as returning to work, I do not have a job to return to. They laid off my whole department last August. This has been a bad year for me. The only good thing that has happened out of this whole thing is, since winning my case in I can get the test and the procedures that I need to get done on my back.

I am glad that you are doing well after your fusion. I hope you are pain free soon!


Thank you so much for all the valuable information. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. As far as the EMG.. I am not sure what muscles they tested. I know they did my leg. When you say that the disc could be sticking out into the intervertabral foramen or the central canal what do you mean? I get most of my pain when I am sitting. When I stand, it is my leg that bothers me. As far as laying down, as long as I have some pillows between my legs..I am in no pain.


I am soooooo happy for you that you are finally pain free. I remember reading your posts about how much pain you were in..and I am glad you didn't give up. I am going to get the "Treat Your Own Back" book that you recommended and follow it very closely. I think your theory is probably correct about the lateral herniation, and that is probably my problem. I am glad that you explained the difference between IDET and Nucleoplasty. I wonder if both surgeries can be done at the same time, because then it would fix both problems. As far as the fusion, I never knew the pressure could be transfered to other discs, and I don't want to repeat a surgery..if I don't have to. The sound of that surgery..scares me, and poor Baxter is having a really hard time recovering from it. Also

Tezley, you mentioned numbness around the groin area. Is that something really to worry about? I have had numbness lately, and I have been having problems with my bladder. The numbness feels as though, I have been riding a horse. One day 2 weeks ago, I woke up and it was there. It felt like I couldn't put all my weight on my feet. It was a different kind of pain and numbness that I have had, but since I had the transtorial epidural..I don't feel it as much as I did before. I will mention this to the doctor..if he takes the time to listen!

I hope you continue to have success in your recovery. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for your input. I have been dealing with this pain for about 11 months now. I have a bad feeling that this is not going to go away anytime soon. I am glad to hear about your recovery the first time, so what happens now? What are you going to do if you don't recover this time? Are you going to have surgery done to fix it? I know a year ago my thoughts on back surgery was..I would NEVER let a doctor cut me. Well since my injury..I changed my mind. I think if the pain was just occasionally, I would try other ways to deal with the pain, but the pain I have is a constant everyday pain, that I don't want anymore. If I could have surgery tomorrow, I would do it and take my chances. I guess that isn't a good way to think, but I am at my breaking point.

Well, I hope that your discs heal again, and everything works out for you. Nobody should have to feel the pain that we feel.


Thanks again for all the advice and suggestion that you have giving me. I hope everyone recovers and is 100% pain free. I will say a prayer for all of you, for being so kind. :angel:

Take care,
~Brenda [img][/img]

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