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Thigh burning
Apr 14, 2003
I'm new to the board but I've been lurking a long time. The last 2weeks I've been having pain in the left lower back right above the hip bone. It's more painful to sit or bend just feels tight to walk. I have an extensive history with the neurologist, pernicious anemia, myelopathy. cervical spondylosis, bulging discs L1 through L5, radiculopathy multilevel lumbar and cervical. Not to mention I have osteoporosis virtually entire skeletal areas including knees and feet. I've always had cervical pain like over 30 yrs now and it has progressed to arthritic and it has only been recently I have lumbar pain. All emg test over the years are abnormal including dermatoma (sipp)test which shows alot of nerve damage. What do you think could be causing the burning pain in my thighs, frontal to knees? Is it correlated with the pain in the lower spine and above the left hip bone? I'm very active, going to the gymn at least 3 times a week and actually feel better moving than if I sit too long. Now suddenely going to the gymn isn't so fun even tho I just walk the treadmil and use the elliptical machine. sorry this is long but I just don't want to high tail it to the Dr again as I just left there the day before this started. Lately little things seem to be firing off, nerve at the outer ankle area that runs to the toes sends me into outer limits(can ya tell my age by that?)That is still with me going on 2 months if I flex my foot inwards, but as I said the lower back is fairly new to me and just sitting here is extremely uncomfortable, so please tell me I don't need to run off to the dr again. I'm in my early 50's and always had neck pain do to car accidents and such. Sitting here is bringing sciatic pain back after getting rid of it last year with epidurals. I feel like a mess lately and yet my head is screaming on the treadmil. I need to get back to being active or I'll lose what I have gained(whatever that is)thanks for listening.

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