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If memory serves me correctly: Levoscoliosis - is basically scoliosis where the convex side is on the left. Depending on the degree of curveture, this is not good. Marrow edema - is basically bone or bone fragments in the wrong place. Normally caused by a bone contusion, Marrow edema is most common with knee or hip injuries - not good. Facet degenerative arthritis - The facet joints (the joints between two vertebrae), muscles, and surrounding ligaments are required to take over the job of the disc. If the disc does not heal, it is said to be degenerative. A degenerative disc is not able to support the weight of the body and the space between vertebra narrows. When the space between two vertebra narrows, so do the holes (or foramen) that the nerves pass through. This causes the nerve to be pinched and results in leg and/or back pain. Over time the facet joints become arthritic, get larger, and develop bone spurs or Marrow edema. Basically these issues are cause and effects of one another. Based on those results I would highly recommend seeing a good Neurologist. L4 and L5 is the most common location of disc problems.. FYI - These results also show that you've had a back problem for quite some time. Your advanced arthritic conditions are a result of your body trying to deal with all this..

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