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Hi Baxter :wave:
Just thought I'd drop in on this thread to wish you the best!!!!! I am out of advice (for now :) ) so I just want to wish you well. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure that soon you will be looking back on these days and finding it hard to believe it was so bad!

Good luck with your claims and LTD. What a hassle!!

I was on my feet all day today working so am a little sore at my disc. But nothing unbearable. Tomorrow I have another long day at work as well. It is exhausting but I am so happy to be able to work again. Soon you will be back at work as well!!!!!

Lots of love,
[img][/img] Telzey

4 years of back pain
Annular tear L5-S1 diagnosed 5/02 via MRI
IDET 12/2/02
1/26/03 Posterior disc prolapse occurs after sitting too long after walking. Causes new pain down left leg.
3/1/03 Leg pain reduced with exercises from the book "Treat Your Own Back" by Robin McKenzie.
3/9/03 Lateral disc prolapse causes buttock and thigh pain and numbness.
3/25/03 Successfully used McKenzie techniques to treat disc prolapse -- now pain free!

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