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Hi everyone!!
I wanted to ask about a laminectomy--I have a herniated disc at l5 S1 that is pressing on my nerve root causing severe pain in my butt, leg, foot, toes, knee, etc....My ankle when I am walking tends to just give out for no reason at all--I have slightly sprained it at least 8 times in the last year---it like I'm walking along and all of a sudden BAM there's no ankle there and I'm on the f-ing fround!! (sorry--i am very frustrated!!) I am about to have my 3rd steroid injection--the 1st two got rid of the pain very well but it only lasted about 2 days if that--I went to P.T for the 2nd time last night, but all they do is the electro stim, ultrasound masage and last night he had me do some stretches that KILLED me!! I take percocet 5/325 for the pain (up to 8 daily!!) but the pain is so far deep into my bones that just keeps the edge off--
based on this history would you have the surgery??
The neurosurgeon said that I would be in hospital for only a day, but didn't go into afterwords since that visit was not a "surgical" consult---just a consult for the brain and c-spine MRI--c-spine has NO curve to it and I have a small cyst on my brain that isn't bothering anything (so he says) to top all this off!!
After a laminectomy do I have to stay off work?? Is this a surgery that would require "no sitting" afterwords?? Please respond I am just at my wits end!!
I wish sometimes I would just get in an accident and die for Christ's sake!! Death seems more peaceful than this pitiful existence!!!

Thank you!!
Karen in Colorado

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