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Monacks, I started May 20 at a chiropractor . I have many lower back problems with referred pain to the calves and feet. I had a CT scan first at my Dr and he diagnosed me as having spinal stenosis, pseudoclaudication and neuropathy that causes intense pain in the calves and feet and a bulging disk at L4 and L5. I am in severe pain all the time, sitting, standing and walking mostly with my legs and feet but my lower back hurts also. I got my regular Drs permission to go to the chiropractor FIRST . I have osteoporosis too and I certainly did not want anything broken with these manipulations. I go twice a week for now and as I improve it will be once a week then once every couple of weeks, etc. It is costly as my insurance does not cover it . I am far from pain free after 3 treatments but I feel like MAYBE I am on the right road. He gave me no false promises saying neuropathy and pseudoclaudication is very difficult to treat and probably will never entirely go away. But he believes if he can get my back better that that pain will be better as well. He says he is gonna get me as healthy as he can given the conditions that we have to work with. He is also teaching me how to sit properly at all times, has told me what stretches to do , has me on an 8 minute walking program per day and has taught me to deep breathe while walking. Already I have less pain in one calf while sitting so I can tell that things are changing little by little. It's gonna be a long haul but I am hopeful. If I were you I would get a CT scan or an MRI so you know exactly what you are dealing with and tell your Dr you are going to a chiro and see if he thinks it will hurt you. Good luck. Lia

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