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"Would you give some more detail? When you say you think there was a very small herniation there, do you mean that in January you had an MRI that showed a moderate herniation that on a previous MRI was smaller?"

Yes. I think that when my L3/L4 herniation was detected, there was just a very small herniation at L4/L5 which was of no consequence at the time. An MRI from this February mentions that the herniation is much bigger. I do not remember the exact size.

"How large is the herniation at L4/L5? Is it the source of your current leg pain? Do you know if the herniation is contained or extruded? Do you have spinal stenosis at that level? How are you functioning these days?"

Got a question ahead. Don't remember the size. It is the source of my leg pain. It only mimicked sciatica. I believe the material has extruded. I may have some SS at that level. I'm functioning fairly well right now. My function is time dependent. My EMG showed that the herniation presses on S1. So for an hour after I get up, I do need to "get up to speed" and then the rest of the day gets better. I do aquatic therapy walking and leg lifts. I also take hydrocodone 10/325 twice a day and do not take any tylenol.

"I was given good advice about when to have surgery. Go with physical therapy, medication and ESI's until you "plateau", then ask yourself if you are content to stay at that level or want to consider surgery. Do you think you have reached a plateau?"

Ah, this is my dilemna, Grasshopper. :) While I can function at work, I can't do much for myself at home. I've hired someone to clean my house and someone to mow my yard. I had a friend suggest that I have my doctor write both of these out as prescriptions. I almost died laughing there. :)

I could survive at this level, but I'm not really living. I see my NS next Friday and I am going to put the question to him. I can get another set of steroid injections in about 5 months. I'm wondering if they might help as much as the first set did. If they do, I might be able to get off the pain meds completely. That is my goal. This surgeon did such a good job on my first Laminectomy, if he suggests that I have another, I would seriously consider it. I do feel that the water therapy is strengthening my legs and I plan to do as much as possible until surgery is warranted.

Thanks for the questions. You've really give me some things to think about.


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