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Re: Burning foot
May 31, 2004
[QUOTE=texjoann]Hi there, I haven't been on but a couple of times since I had the surgery on my back. I had some of the bone on my transverse process removed, I have a transitional vertebrae. I was doing really well after surgery as far as my back pain, however now a whole new can of worms has opened up.

I am in tremendous pain in my foot and leg. I went back for the post op and they said it was due to the sciatic nerve had been pinched for the last three years and it is now waking up. I got an injection of some numbing medicine in my calf of my leg and it helped for that day. The next morning the pain was still there, although some of it in my leg was gone. I went back and they put in some more medicine this time in my ankle. Now I just mainly have one circular area on my outer claf and about a 2-3 inch area from between my big and middle toes up toward my inner ankle. I called the Dr back and they said come in Tuesday for more injection, this time between the toes so hopefully the rest of the pain will go away.

This pain is worse than the pain I had prior to surgery. It feels like a burning itchin sensation. The burning is like somebody puring hot burning oil on my foot, and the pain is a throb.

Has anyone ever had this happen after surgery? I have an appointment for the pain medicine clinic the 25 of June, and they may put in a catheter to gradualy drop in medicine. (that's what the Dr said anyway)

I also have a steady aching pain on teh inner surface of the bottom of my foot. When I showed the Dr where the pain is he said that was exactly where the sciatic nerve runs.

Has any body got any hints for how to deal with this pain? I can't sleep and I've been taking plenty of percocet. Also got back on oxycontin and zanaflex. The Dr gave me elavil, 10 mg, but I got sick and threw up for twenty four hours after taking it and had to be admitted to the hospital for 3 days. And the Internal Meicine Dr said not to take the elavil any more at all and try to not take the percocet. Well Not taking pain pills is out of the question. I wait as long as I can, but then I have to. I have started to try taking just excedrin, which works during the day, but to sleep, I have to take something stronger.

I hope someone can give me some advice.

I,ve had the burning foot pain you describe pre and post op,( like somebody stubbing a cigerette out on the top of your foot). I normally get this at night, although a lot less now and mainly when I sleeep on my back. You could try sleeping on your side or elevating your feet by putting pillows under your knees which reduces the tension in the nerve hopefully.

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