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May 6, 2003
Hello, this is my first post on the board. I'm a 22 yr.old female and have been casually diagnosed with sciatica, though wasn't offered much in the line of an explanation. I went through two months of painful physical therapy to stregnthen my piriformis but it made the pain worse. I was basically told to no longer cross my legs and don't walk up stairs, neither of which are very practical suggestions. I was also told to no longer ride horses, but in my case that's even less practical than not crossing my legs while wearing a skirt considering riding is my passion. I've continued with the PT exercises, I work out in the weight room, take an aerobics class, and in general am in very good shape. That being said, there are days when I can't walk without pain due to lower back pain and the feeling that my hip is popping out of place with every step. Sometimes I have pain in the groin area and often have shooting pains down my leg (always on the right side). I have learned not to turn over in bed without going very slowly and using my upper body to help position me to avoid that shooting pain (I believe that's due to pinching of the sciatic nerve). Anyway, the exercises and advil alone aren't helping so I'm looking for additional treatment suggestions. As a side not, does anyone know if having high foot arches (I tend to walk on the insides of my feet because of them) can affect the lower back/hip? I welcome any suggestions/advice! Thanks!

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