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Hi all :wave:
Well I lasted 4 hrs on Tues. and 2hrs. on Wend. at work. ( I am a CNA) My neuro doc was not aware that the pain mange. doc had buckled under work comp. demands to send me to work, and such a fool as he was, he did what they wanted. anyway I had my reg. checkup with my neuro and let me tell you he was one wild guy, make a long story short he said I was an excellant candiate for a SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR I asked a few questions about it, he said first I would have to be seen by the doc who does this procedure, then have a phsyc. eval and then if I was the good candadet I would would have a temp. one installed in my spinal cord, (electrodes that are inserted into your spinal colum and hooked up to a battery pack) the battery pack for this temp. procedure would be on the outside of the body, when and if it works for the pain then a pernament battery pack is installed in your body under the skin, lot of risks involved I have been told, It is very expensive (work comp has informed me it is over $20,000) My attorney said to be prepared because w/comp. will find a way to stop my bennys just so they wont have to pay for this, if some of you remember, comp. has been giving me the shaft, I still havent heard from the IME report its been over 3 weeks, the attorney said he was calling comps. IME to see exactly when the report will or has been done, The attorney thinks that comp has gotten the report and dont like some of the things the IME has said and they are trying to get him to re frase it more to their liking (crooks) so geez now I lost track I will have to go back and read what I wrote, Doc. said the neurotin will do that (make you forget stuff) [img][/img]So I wont take up much of your time but does or has anyone ever had the sipnal cord stimulator and did it work? I just dont know what to do anymore this pain HAS to STOP but I dont want to be jumping at straws in order to get relief, Man what a life huh? not just for me but for all of us, who would have ever thought that the back could and does cause so much pain, when I think of how strong I used to be I wonder just how long ago has it been! I will have to research this stimulator thing quite extensively because I only have one back. thanks for listening to me and putting up with all my mispelled words :D love to all [img][/img]

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Hi all! I am new to this site and so glad I found you. I was reading some info on spinal cord stimulators and they suggested obtaining a support group. I have constant right sciatica that 3 surgeries have not helped. I also have been advised by my ortho and pain mgmt md to have the spinal cord stimulator placed. I had a pre-existing L5-S1 protrusion that was made worse by a 300 + lb women fainting on me in an elevator at work. It has been 3 years now and the pain is just awful. It never goes away, although I have some good days. I have been on numerous medications (was taking over 18 pills just last year) but am with a new pain mgmt md who has me on Methadone 10 mg up to 6 per day. I take Elavil at night along with sleeping meds but sleep is never a full 8 hours. Sometimes 4, sometimes 6. I don't even know if Worker's Comp will authorize the SCS but I'm really not sure I want it implanted. WC is another matter - how I despise them! Shedevil, did you ever get the stimulator implanted? Hope everyone is as good as can be expected under the circumstances. I'd love to hear from anyone.

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