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This is my initial post, so here is the history :wave:

July 2002 - herniated disc when I slipped on my wet kitchen floor (!!), no pain in back, just a very sore left hip/butt.
Oct 2002 - disc fractured, developed limp in left leg.
Nov 2002 - left foot went numb, had MRI, Saw Dr. Timothy Harrington (He operated on my Dad, sister, aunt and ex-husband, so we tell him he's the family neuro)
Dec-2002 - Surgery at Barrow's/St. Joseph's Hospital. Complete cessation of all pre-surgical symptoms. No nerve pain, no numbness, no muscle pain. [img][/img]
Feb 2003 - Aggravated disc/nerve by helping Mom up stairs, developed nerve tingles.
Since then, it's been two steps forward, one step back. I am now 10 months post-injury and 5 months post-op, and am tired and frustrated that I seem to be in this cycle of doing something physically that I apparently am not able to do, and then spending 10 days to 2 weeks resting (when not at work) to get the nerve tingles and pain in hip/butt to go away. Saw Dr. Harrington 2 months after surgery, and was told that if I have nerve tingles, that I need to REST. Muscles around the incision are still tight. Did some physical therapy and am doing what are essentially a Kegel type exercise to tighten the abs, stretching, ice, advil, Soma. Using a "tush-cush" seat cushion at work, which has made a big difference!! Am waiting to hear back from Dr. H, office told me he's likely to send me to a Rehabilitation Physician. Anyone have any words of advice? Been there done that? Thanks!!

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[This message has been edited by sunwoman154 (edited 05-14-2003).]

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