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Hi everyone, does an orthopaedic doctor knows everything about spine or should I specifically look for a spine specialist? Do they have any special name given to them? How should I go looking for one? Like, I call up the hospital and ask to see a spine specialist? What if they give me an orthopaedic doctor and I end up like what I had gone thru before? Will a MRI shows things that X-ray can't?

I went to read on HMS (hypermobility syndrome) and thought if I should go and see a rheumatologist... I'm very reluctant to go thru all this procedures of seeing doctors(don't like the way they treat us patients sometimes) and in the end, u get nothing... so much has been spent over the years and I wonder if I could carry on paying all those bills eventhough I could get subsidies. But when you do, they give you a different doctor everytime you go for your appointment! It's like I saw my orthopaedic surgeon and then the 2nd time, it was a different one! Though the nurses said I will get back the same doc, dunnoe if they had made a mistake!!! :confused:

Jo, did you have any treatments for your DDD and collasped disc? And how did you find out that you have EDS? Did a doctor spotted it and told you?


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