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Lori, thank you for answering me back. I have had back problems in the past, nothing that a little motrin wouldn't take care of. I am a waitress for 17 years, i imagine it has taken a tole on me. About 3 months ago i was working and the pain came on and didn't go away, i went to the emergency room and it has been a roller coaster ever since, at first they said it would go away in 2-3 weeks, gave me motrin and flexiril, it didn't even touch the pain, i returned back to my dr. and they gave me naproxan and another muscle relaxer and that didn't work. I went back and forth to the dr. and emergency room for about 6 weeks and then they put me on vicodein and valium and that helped alot and then they started ordering test, x-rays, ct and mri, since then i have been getting progressively worse and they have changed my medicine to norco 10 and i take it regulary or i can not do anything, the pain gets so bad, it starts in my back, goes into my hip and down my leg and i get this burning sensation in my lower tail bone, it is horrible and everything is such a long process with these dr.s, they are always telling me something different and when i call to tell them the pain is worse and the numbness is worse, they always tell me to go to the emergency room, they just give me a shot of pain med and it makes me throw up and they tell me to see orthopedics. I started PT about the second month of pain, it was just stretching exercises and some electro shock treatment to numb the area, but evertime i left therapy, the pain was worse and one time during pt i started having muscle spasm, so orthopedics stopped my PT and told me not to go until they find out my problem, well i wound up in the emergency room last week and they told me i had a herniated disc in C5 and C6, that was from my cervical MRI, i really don't understand alot about this, the dr.s haven't been real specific about things and they still haven't given me the results for my lumbar MRI, i will know more tomorrow. I cant sit very long either or stand or lay down for long periods of time, it just hurts all the time and i am really not trusting towards the dr.s, because it has been 3 months and they have not done much for me, but pain medicate me. I not real familiar with anykind of surgery or other treatment, i am a little scared, but maybe you can tell me more about your PT.
I must have the greatest PT availiable in my area. They work with me on every pain I mention. They have been able to keep me from surgery for a herniated disc for 5 years. In fact, the past 5 years I've been fine til I injured the hip area, which is the same area as you would feel sciatica pain, way down low, a burning & down the leg. My disc pain (5 years ago) was so bad, not one pain pill or injections touched the pain, I just couldn't imagine going on like that. I never slept til i was so exhausted & then I'd wake up with the same pain.
The therapists used McKenzie method for my disc, it took 3 months but for 5 years I've been fine now. The hip thing I did to myself, being over zealous in the yard work.
My first appointment with them was last friday, I've seen them 3 times this week & the burning is completely gone from the hip area.
They adjust my spine, but not with popping & cracking like a chiropractor, they know where to work on it, nothing they do hurts me, they always say that I should not be leaving my appointment with pain & if I am, then they want to know about it. I cannot do the press ups for the disc right now as they say they compress the lower hip area, so thru manipulation they simulate the press ups for me. When i get there they put me on heat to relax my back, then the PT works on my back, then I do a series of 3 mild exercises to strengthen the hip area muscles. Then they do ice & stim on my back. No matter what I tell them, they fix it. I was doing the one exercise wrong at home & felt something pull in the soft tissue above my right hip, they have worked on that & adjusted my exercises so I won't hurt anything. They are just so knowledgable, I cannot believe how good they are..
What questions do you want answered about my PT. If I have not covered them, feel free to ask me.
IMO, it's hard to believe with all the tests you've had that they cannot come to a diagnosis of what is wrong.
All the pain meds & injections will not cure what is causing your pain, they need a paln of action to remedy what is causing the pain. Ask your doc about different PT, try everything before surgery. I know the pain is horrible & some people rush to surgery just to get out of the pain, but many do not even need surgery & also some say they have the same pain months or years after the surgery.
Don't get me wrong, there are some people who for them, surgery is the only answer, but I tried other options & surgery would have been my very last!
Let me know if I can help more.

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