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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][FONT=Georgia]Angie, is the weakened right leg one of the reasons you are having a fusion? If so, you may find that you have more strength in it than you had before the surgery. If the damage is permanent, you may find a 4 legged cane helpful. That's what I used after my last fusion when something caused me to have severe, crippling pain in my left hip. They said it was from taking bone for the fusion, but I had had that done before and this pain was very different. I couldn't put any weight on the left leg without burning, searing pain. To this day, we don't know got much better, but still is not normal. Anyway, I used a 4 legged cane for about 3 months and it was really helpful. Walking is a great way to keep scar tissue from getting stiff and causing pain.
Good luck, and let us know when you are having your surgery.


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