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I am sooooooo happy to report that my post-surgery "surgery" to remove or drain the fluid build up was a huge success so far. I am 100% positive that is what had caused SO MUCH PAIN over the past several weeks and nearly months.........

I had a two level lumbar fusion in Dec. 2002 and since February been in agonizing, stinging, burning, tearing disgusting, annoying, distracting, horrible pain. Finally after an MRI revealed a "pocket" of junk my surgeon went in there on Friday and cleaned it up. There was no blood, pus, infection (they did cultures) or anything else....... just tons of fluid (water) and now I can noticeably feel a difference. My upper buttocks and low back "stinging" is gone, all gone. The incision is a touch sore, but it does not hurt to walk around, ahower, sit, lay or anything at all.

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!! I do not blame my surgeon in the least. I suspicion this could have happened because I was forced to return to work so early after the fusion and could have tramatized the surgical area. Who knows, who cares, because now I feel that is is totally fixed.

To all and anyone scheduled for a lumbar fusion.....DO NOT BE AFRAID. If you are suffering from degenerative disk disease, or an unstable spine.....this WILL help you. I have seen it help me. This fluid thing was a minor bump in the road to recovery. My surgeon said the fusion is ROCK SOLID, so there you go.

Please keep in mind (all those facing this surgery) most of the people that come to this board are in the minority when it comes to failed back surgeries. The ones that have success are too busy living their lives to post here.

I wish well to all of you and be strong. You can handle anything if you have a positive attitude.

Mary K.

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