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My mri shows i have bulging disc in upper cervical and lower lumbar, the ER doctor told me i have sciatica and my hip hurts and the pain goes down my leg, how do we pin point exactly what it is? Orthopedics says they don't need to do surgery, they want me to go back to my primary care physician, i am really skeptical about anything they tell me, cause they have yet to give me a specific diagnosis and cure, the therapist told me i had a strained or torn muscle and he said the burning was from nerve damage, but my process of healing has not started, it only gets worse. Do i need to have and MRI done on my hip? Is there a special kind of Dr. i need to see besides orthopedics, forgive me for my ignorance, i am just new to all this pain.

thanks for replying
gianna, my primary care doctor is the one who sent me to PT. He didn't do an mri as we both thought it was just sciatica, although the PT was able to diagnose it thru movement tests & pain assessment. I am 90% better in just one week. I don't know what kind of PT in other areas of the country, but the ones we have here are fabulous. I also have a bulging disc in my lumbar region that was totally relieved by the same PT's 5 years ago. The exercises they gave me at that time I still do, if I overdo & get it sore, I just revert back to the McKenzie therapy they taught me. I have not had to have surgery at all for the disc. I will tell you that PT is not a fast cure, it took me 3 months for my bulging disc, but it was well worth it. The first 4 weeks of PT back then gave me little relief, I started to think it was not going to help, but my PT was very optimistic & luckily she was right & I didn't have to have surgery. She said, usually after 4 weeks if there is no improvement at all, then they refer patients to a neurosurgeon, but I was lucky. My PT now says that he can fix my hip but it is a slow process & it will take time, but I am already feeling relief. I do NOT have a bulging disc in that area though, so I would say stick with the PT for at least 4 weeks, it is a slow process, it's nothing they can rush. I was in 24/7 pain, no pain meds even came near helping me, I slept in a recliner with a heating pad wrapped around my leg as I had the burning down my leg so bad, that my leg would jump from the nerve being so irritated, so I know your pain. You want to give up, you feel so hopeless, but give PT a chance. What does your therapist say about treating you?

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