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Hello everyone,

I guess I will start off by saying I am new here, and this is my first post. I actually found this website by chance looking for different health topics on search engines.

I will give everyone a little background info before I continue, sorry if it starts to sound like I am whining.

I am 27 years old, male and have had back pain in my life for the past 5 years or so. I sometimes wonder how can I be the way I am at a young age.

I have been going to a chiropractor since October of 1999. I did not have health insurance back then, but do now. It still does not cover my chiro expenses which total over $1,200 a year. I cannot afford that, but I have to, if you know what I mean? Lately I have been going 2 or more times a week, it seems he has to be constantly adjusting me for it to feel better.

I recently went to my new doctor M.D. after obtaining health insurance for a much needed checkup and blood work. I am still waiting for the results to my labs and will need to make a second appt. for the outcomes.

I have aching, burning pain across my middle and upper back and also across my chest where my ribs are, and my neck is always crackly as well. My worst areas are the direct center upper back and under my shoulder blades, but lately my chest area is pretty bad also with light sharp tearing like pain when I stretch back. It aches and burns even if I sit still, but really is painful if I arch my back or twist. My worst enemy is the morning, I just can't seem to get going, it takes forever because I am so sore.

It seems like my rib cage area covering my entire upper body front and back. I am in constant pain which is worse in the morning and at night. Sometimes though it's really bad all day!

I have been told before that my rib cage was pushed uneven? Has anyone heard of that before? I also know that my pain was not this bad in the past, it seems to be getting worse instead of better. My chiro says I need to lose some weight and he is probably right. But I do not understand all of this pain just by being overweight. And after 3 years of therapy you would think it would not be getting worse?

My bones feel crackly and I have to constantly stretch to make them feel better, later in the day they just tighten and dont want to move anymore. I was given "Skelaxin" but lately they have not been taking any pain away and the hard spasms are still happening. When it gets really bad I take a vicodin with the 800mg muscle relaxer. This helps a little but I still feel the pain!

Has anyone ever had anything similar or have any idea what this might be? My doctor sent me to physical therapy which was the same thing my chiro does without the adjustment and told me to take motrin.

I was so upset!!! I need help not motrin!!!

This makes it hard for me to work so I work at home, which sometimes puts strain on my marriage. Plus we have our first newborn and it's hard for to wake up with him and run around. It is all very depressing for me. I am constantly thinking something is terribly wrong!

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.. I just need to talk about this before I go crazy and make my wife crazy from complaining all the time.. She is very helpful but I know sometimes it must irritate her for me to be so sickly and depressed all the time, I just want it all to be gone!!

I look forward to any advice or recommends...

Thanks for listening everyone, sorry it was so long...


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