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I am in pain, but it's nothing new except it's getting worse rather than better. I finally am ready to have my appt tomorrow at 10:15am with my primary Dr. (Internal Medicine).

I am hoping he will send me for an MRI and other tests he feels might be needed.

Should I ask for a referral for a Orthopedic Dr. or a Pain Management Dr. ? Or Both ?

Or should I just stick with my Internal Med Dr ?

If anyone has any ideas please let me know..

"For people who do not know my case history"

* 27 years old, male

*Chronic upper back pain for about 6 years, recently getting really bad, really stiff in the morning takes forever to get going, lasts all day everyday.

*Crackling sounds from rib cage area across upper and middle back when stretching.

* Pain, tightness and burning all day long, usually ranges from a 4 through 8 depending on the day and how my body wants to react. Usually it's at least a 6/7 all day recently, used to be an annoying 3/4 all day, which I lived with but hated.

*Problem areas are mainly around breastbone area of chest, across shoulder blades, dead center upper back, upper shoulders and back of neck. Feels as if it's muscles and bones/joints.

*Muscles spasms, had a couple that were severe enough to go to ER, felt like I was having a heart attack, pain radiated through upper back to chest area.

* Taking Skelaxin 800mg 3x daily, doesn't really help at all, hoping to change, maybe Flexeril or Soma, depending on what doc wants to give me. Also taking Vicodin 5/500mg which also helps somewhat but not to where I am not bothered by the pain, burning, tightness ect..

*Chiropractic 3 years, PT on and off again, all of which produces results that do not last for more than the day I have them.

*Can't remember any trauma I had that would have caused all this. Don't understand how it's getting worse.

*Can't really do anything, lifting, heavy physical ect.. Try and walk and stretch when I can.

*Still undiagnosed and waiting

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