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Hi Angie,
This is my first reply. I have been reading this board for a few weeks but couldn't sit long enough to start replying. I had a laminectomy and fusion with instrumentation at the L4-L5-S1 levels on April 12th 2004. I can't really say if it helped yet because I live on the pain meds. When it nears the time to take them I am already suffering pretty badly. Each day gets a little better in the back area (I think), but the nerve pain is unbearable, from the first day after surgery, calf pain and foot pain which gets worse everyday!
My NS checked me with MRI and says everything is fine with back and must be a vascular problem. Today I went to Vascular DR who says it is a back problem! Tomorrow I'm calling my primary doctor (woman) whom I trust, and ask her how I should deal with these two doctors. Neither one wants to take into consideration the written reports that come from the MRI or Doppler tests. My NS just looked at the MRI films himself and said nothing is wrong and the surgery is fine, but the written report says differently! For instance, the MRI written report from the lab clearly states bulging disc at the L2-3 with right sided focality narrowing the right neural foramen and compressing the right L2 Nerve Root and Bulging Disc at L3-4 with Mild Central Canal Stenosis plus mild bulging disc at the L4-5 (where he just operated ?)
Maybe the MRI is not that bad as far as standards go, I don't know. I just know I have a lot of pain in my left hip, butt, leg, calf and especially foot! besides the back (10 inch incision/30 staples).

My primary had sent me for the doppler to check for clots or circulation problems. Test comes back positive for PVD. She and my NS talk and say to go to a Vascular DR. I give him report and he doesn't read it. He says you can't believe everything you read! He does some test in his office and says nothing is wrong with my veins, pain is from back! So who is the doctor here?

Well all this is to tell you that my NS put me on Neurontin about 3 weeks after surgery because of my complaints of pain in the back and also the leg stuff. To tell you the truth, Angie, it does help. Started me on 300mg 3x a day and when I still complained 2 weeks later he raised it to 600mg 3x a day.

I also take vicodin 7.5 ES (generic hydrocodone something) every 4-6 hrs.

A few times I missed my doses and I knew it because the pain was unbearable!

I wish I could find out what is going on so it can be treated. I am totally alone, my job will not wait forever for me to return and I am broke too! If I didn't have the meds I truly would not make it!

It's great to come hear and find you are not alone with the kind of suffering you have to deal with when you have back surgery. PS I had a cervical C3 fusion with plating done on February 4th this year. That went great and around the 10th week I forgot I had that surgery. Thank God!

Try the Neurontin for the pain and give it a few days to build up in your system. It will help you sleep. I went for 2 weeks no sleep due to the pain and then the Neurontin helped. You might feel a little funny the first day or so but then that goes away.

Sorry I beat you in long winded words!!

Let us know how it goes with the Neurontin. Any feedback on my situation would be great but don't stress yourself yet. Try to get some rest. The Neurontin makes me tired about an hour after I take it. But if I wake up at night for anything I feel Bombed like I was drinking, so don't drive (as if you could now, Ha)

Take care,

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