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Hello Carl - about two monthes after surgery i got to feeling better - then i started trying to do a little housework every day - i did more and more everyday - then my thigh pain came back - the area above the hardware has hurt since day 1 - it swelled all up - then i was sent to the ER for blood work - dr thought i had a infection - sit at that ER for 8 hours - ( six of that was in the lobby ) Blood work came back ok - that area has stayed swollen since - some days more than others . But now i have the nerve pain again - before it went only to the top of the right foot but now i feel it on the bottom too - sometimes it feels like the bottom is going to burn off - i have calf pain now that i did not have before - and the thigh pain is back worse than before - also the weakness in that leg is back - i was told three monthes ago that i was rejecting the hardware and that 5% of people reject it - and that when i got totally fused that they would have to take it out - it is weird because my middle back does not hurt as it did before unless i sit to long - the only place i have constant pain is above the hardware - it even hurts on the outside - i am on Lydocaine patches for that - i had one level done - L4-L5 - and hardware only on the right side - I think that it is so irritated in there from the hardware that it has got that nerve messed up again -

Hello Brooke - i was suppose to get this hardware block done in may but chickened out - i am scared of the " more pain " that is going to come with it - after the lydocaine wears off - it is only a diagnostic procedure and you only get maybe 2 hours of pain relief - they go in there and put Lydocaine over the screw heads and if that takes your pain away then it proves to them more that the hardware is causing the problems - they are going to sedate me they said but i just do not know how much - i know they will not be able to sedate me much because i will have to tell them about the pain that i am feeling afterwards - i remember the discogram , mylogram and Epidural Steriod injections oh so well and i think that is why i am so scared about this - A pain management dr is going to do my injections so i am hoping he can change my meds to give me some pain relief - as my meds now do not work - i have been up for 2 nights now - sometimes i am up five nights in a row - it is beginning to be to much to deal with -

I will let ya'll know how it went after i get home Thursday .


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