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Carol, Marcia, Lorie
MRI was this morning; came back normal. Nuerologist thought same as Carol, initially, and that was probably Cauda Equina. He and his associate and another neuro out of Tampa, three opinions, all said normal. He wants to do a spinal tap on Monday.
I am wondering about the bulging disc. If Cauda Equina is not a concern now, and the only relief I have had from this is the chiropractor, I'm wanting to just go back to him. He is getting a copy of the MRI report Monday Morning. I'm going up presumably to do the spinal tap, but first I'm asking about the disc. He told me from the start of the MRI that He was consentrating only on the Cauda Equina, so I don't even think that the disc at L4-L5 would have been on there. I negelected to ask him when he called me with the results. I called back but he had already left for the weekend.
The last thing I want is to go through a battery of tests, only to find that I could have been going to the chiro for this all along. I trust my chiro completely. He virtually cured by Sciatic nerve problem that I had on the right side of my body two years ago. He's got a superior reputation, and I trust him completely. He admitted that He could not see a bulging disc on the x-ray, but he said what he has to do is infer it, by the position of the bones. Also remember I had no pain before the medical doctor said I think its sciatica. When I went then to the chiro, after the x-ray was read, he did an initial test where all I did was bend over, and tried to touch my feet, haha, and I imediately felt pain in the center of my low back, which I had not even felt before, ever.
He knew that I would, that is why he had me do that. And he was right, I did feel pain. I think his diagnosis is correct, and now that the other more serious stuff is eliminated, ??? But maybe I should at least have the spinal tap done, but I'm going to ask what he's looking for now, because Meningitas, etc... things that a spinal tap is supposed to rule out, I don't have any of those symptoms anyway!! He made the statement this morning that He didn't think it was spinal or brain related, but nerve. Now he has rulled the nerve thing out, so I asked him, could it still be brain or spinal, and he said I don't think it is brain at all. Boy, am I confused again. Anyway, your thoughts are and will always be welcome, at least I have some peace of mind here, and the cost of the MRI was worth that (no insurance). Thank you guys!


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