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Thanks Laura, I had a hemilaminectomy, the drilling one along with a discectomy. I also noticed the whole facectomy thing on the insurance. Here is what mine says verbatim, "Patient underwent massive repair Rt. L5 S1 hemilaminectomy, medial facetectomy, nerve root decompression, removal of massively herniated disc using evoked response and operating microscope." Confusing huh? all these scary words such as massively and repair and evoked response. If it says medial facectomy does that mean they took out the facet joint? Is that bad? hmmmmm my surgeon still has not gone over exactly what they did to me, or what he did to me. Crazy surgeon! just as long as I get better. Thanks for replying. Hope you are having a good day!

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[*]Epidurals, PT, occasional relief
[*]Hurt back severely during college football
[*]Ruptured L5 S1 and nerve damage
[*]Hemilaminectomy/Discectomy on 2-20-03
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