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Hi espicer,

Discogenic just means generated by/from the disc. There is a glossary of terms used by spine specialists at [url=""][/url] . Discogenic pain is generally felt more in the back and perhaps the buttocks and thighs, whereas radiculopathic pain is felt down the leg to the calf and foot. A muscle disruption that can mimic sciatic pain is inflammation of the piriformis muscle, which actually can compress the nerve. I had some pain down the left leg after surgery and before physical therapy that flared up when I got in and out of bed or in and out of the car; my physical therapist deeply massaged the piriformis muscle in my left butt using a cortizone gel. The pain stopped after one week of PT; the therapist said the cortizone helped. (I had thought that training me to hold my lower abdominals tight helped.)

HNP stands for Herniated Nucleus Pulposis. I'll let you look that one up if you are curious. [img][/img] Remember, every professional specialty has its own specialized vocabulary, so Webster's won't cut it!

I am just someone who was close to bedridden for so long that I had time to read about everything related to spine injury. So please take what I say as the rantings of a patient, not the advice of someone knowledgable!

[img][/img] HNP

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