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Hi Mike, :wave:

I also have thoracic problems, but have decided to hold off on that surgery until something less invasive is available.
I now have alot of pain in my left arm due to this problem, I can't lift my arm very high without causing extreme pain, my arm is also very weak.
It feels like a big piece of glass is sticking me right in the back.

I'm sorry to hear that you are also dealing with this :(

I have a herniated disc at T11-12 with a free fragment.
My last MRI which was done on 5/7/03 now shows that the herniation is contacting and deforming the spinal cord.

I was told that this will have to be addressed soon, as this may very well affect my ability to walk.

Thoracic surgeries are considered dangerous because the surgeon is working so close to the heart and lungs, and that just scares me to death.

Please make sure that you are dealing with the very best doctor if you are planning on having surgery.
The very best doctors in this area, are few and far between.
Once I agree to do this surgery, I will certainly be taking alot of time to make sure that I have the very best guy for the job.
Alot of Ortho's will say they can perform thoracic surgeries, but you will want to make sure that you use a thoracic specialist.

One of our members Oliver-Dove is very knowledgeable on this topic, hopefully he will be along soon to assist you, although I haven't seen him around much.

You can also do a search here of older discussions concerning thoracic issues, and hopefully that will help you as well.

I also have trouble with heartburn, although I'm not sure if it's related to the thoracic trouble.

I hope that you can find relief soon, I will be praying for you :angel:

Please keep us posted.

Be Well,
Baxter [img][/img]

Two level laminectomy fusion L5-S1 & L2-3 done on 12/6/02.
I regret the day that I agreed to have this surgery.
Fifteen inch scar from the very top of butt crack (sorry), to the bra line.
BAK cages, rods & screws.(Titanium)
My pelvic bone was used for grafting.
Praying that the other two discs in between, won't have to be fused later, as I was told it was a possibility, due to the other two discs in between, not being in that great of shape.
Doc didn't want to fuse four levels, unless it is really necessary.
I would hate to repeat the surgery, as the recovery period, is so very painful.
I also have a free fragment in my T11-12 area, that I'm still refusing surgery for, at this point in time.
That surgery is way too dangerous for me to consider, until if affects my being able to walk.

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