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Hi Borcia and others,

I'm new to this message board and may have missed the meaningful discussion on nucleoplasty. In seeking to learn more about it, I came across a web site for a company called ArthroCare. This was on a google search on 'nucleoplasty'. As I searched the results further, I came across:

which is a letter from the fda discrediting some of the claims made on their web site about their tools.

It is highly unlikely that a credible doctor would have recommended you to these in conjunction with the procedure. I realize that this probably doesn't help you, but I figured I would share this with you just in case it did.

Like yourself, I am struggling with whether or not I should have a surgery. I've had a micro discectomy recommended for a rupture between L5 and S1. I'm not sure what the difference is between a rupture and a herniated disc, but learning about contained and non-contained herniations was interesting.

I'm off to try to learn more about the differences.

Just wanted to send this to you on the off chance it would be helpful.

Happy researching and I hope you recover fully,



- hockey impact injury to top of head in Dec. 2002
- physiotherapy & chiropractic visits which did not fix the problem
- pain shooting down into butt, leg, and calf
- numbness in foot
- big pain when coughing, laughing hard, or sneezing. Trouble sleeping at night.
- ruptured disc between L5 & S1

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