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[COLOR=Indigo][CENTER][B]Hello StarAngel :wave: [/B] [/CENTER]

[INDENT]During my recovery I had a CT Scan and on the report it had repeatedly stated scar tissue and it also slightly displaced my S1 nerve root. I did obtain this report prior to seeing my neuro surgeon. I then started to search the web with the findings of the report and learned that scar tissue can cause a problem which can lead to FBSS (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome). My surgeon had then ordered an MRI and had told me that I may have to prepare myself for living my life this way. He is a man of few words but since that visit I have learned not to let him leave the room so quickly. I think since your scar tissue has attached itself to the nerve this is why you have been diagnosed with FBSS and I am truly sorry. If you search the web their is much information about this. I also learned that since I had DDD and had a fusion on multiple levels, it was less likely to be successful in reducing my pain. But this is my own fault for not getting more than one surgical opinion. I do not blame my surgeon as he did send me for a discogram and the disc's that were operating on were the cause of my pain.

As for the anti-inflammatory's I take Bextra which doesn't bother my stomach or give me any heartburn. I also have acid reflux and take medication's for that as well. The only problem with Bextra is getting your insurance to approve it. My Rheumatologist had to call himself to get an approval. I haven't heard of the pain medication that you are taking. I have just switched from percocet to ms contin. My pain management doctor started me on 15mg and I am in so much pain at this time. I had thought this was a strong medication and I guess the dosage is low. I have stopped myself twice from calling the office. I do see my neuro surgeon Friday and my pain management is in the same office.

Some of the therapist's just aren't as qualified as they should be when giving therapy to spinal patient's. The more I read on these boards and other's about some of the therapist's the angrier I get. Thank God that you refused to do the twisting exercises. I believe that some people can get seriously hurt at therapy or get major setbacks in their recovery when a therapist just isn't giving the correct therapy.

I too wonder if my spine is stable. I don't hear any sounds from my hardware as you do. But after I questioned my neuro surgeon he did finally tell me that the only way to really know if a patient is 100% fused is to go back into surgery. This is another reason why I had wanted my hardware removed. I figured if it is causing some of my pain get it out.... And then when my n/s goes in, if something is not right he will see it. At least I pray that's the way it works. After all I am not a doctor, but I do know that all these tests do not show everything.

I am surprised that your doctor is trying to force you into having the stimulator. Usually these doctor's just tell you what your option's are and give you time to make your decision. I really don't understand as to why he wants this done immediately. Gosh I really wonder what he will say if you decide not to get this. I do wish you the very best in whatever your decision may be.[/INDENT]

[CENTER][B]:angel: Jeanne :angel:[/B] [/CENTER] [/COLOR]

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