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Hello & so sorry for the nightmare you've been going thru so long. Concerning your hearing(s) in early July: You've probably already done this, but if I can make a suggestion, if you're like me & you try to lay out your medical/pain history to a physician (or committee/etc like in your case) - emotions,pain,etc can get in the way & we don't get all of the precise things we intended to - presented or said. You've got a list started with your signature/profile here- you may want to copy it into MS word or whatever & expand/give brief details under ea subject in an outline form if you feel that further defines your case - & bring it to the hearing. Make several copies so that you have one in front of you also. At least you'll know they have all the information you need them to have, & won't worry later if you forgot to mention something. (like we all do when we see our Docs!)
Concerning your previous records, especially if it's been no longer than 2 yrs they shld still be active records- that clinic/Doc's office SHOULD have access to the Doc's (that left) records. I can't remember- did he retire or move? Regardless, if I remember correctly, Doctor's offices are REQUIRED by law to keep patient's records for 7 yrs. They may be in storage- but still shld be accessible. Your lawyer shld help you in this area if your personal efforts in requesting it frm the Dr's office have been refused.

Jd, please take heart- even thru your posting here of your pain - do you know that your special humor/way of looking at life still shines thru? You still have a lotta fight in you- get geared up to represent yourself w/documented information they can't be blind to- nicely but assertively enlist/insist on your lawyer's help in this also. Even if you have to borrow the $ for another MRI or (I don't know-Mylogram or Discogram?) - does your lawyer advise this would help your case tremendously? CHIN UP & GO GET 'EM GIRL!! We're all w/you- best of luck!! [img][/img]


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