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Re: L6
Jun 27, 2003
Hi :wave: , I am new here and new to posting on boards, please forgive me if I ramble on and on.
I am 29 years old having low back pain on my left side since I was 15. I went to a chiropractor, orthopedic specialist and regular family physician. 1998 My chiropractor took x-rays and found I had tilted pelvis, have an unstable L6 vertebrae (rubs onto other bone), degenerative disc disease, and pinched nerve, and bones not fused. After adjustments over a period of 3 1/2 years he referred me to the orthopedic specialist (2002)in which HE took x-rays and said no surgery was needed (with no other findings nor mentioning of what the chiropractor found). Physical therapy did not work out for me.
I was not satisfied so I went to my family physician(2002), he ordered an MRI, test results showed: (This is a short version)
a transitional vertebrae at the lumbosacral junction (called L6 - extra vertebrae).
L5-6: The intervertabral disc space height it narrowed (spinal stenosis / degenerative disc disease)
Loss of T2 signal is seen, consistant with disc disiccation. There is a mild bulge/spure. There is hypertrophy of the facets, especially on the left. The ligamentum flavum is mildly prominate. The canal is narrowed and there is some anterior-to-posterior attenuation of the thecal sac.
Note is made on the sagittal views of some effacement of the epidural fat in the neural foramen at the "L6/S1" level on the left. The nerve root is in contact with an eccentric disc/spur at this site.
I'm from Indiana, anyone know the English version of this? :D

Dr. put me on Bextra and pain killers (Motrin 800mg).
I have a full time job for 3 years now doing heavy labor work (standing, lifting 10-20+lbs, bending for 10hrs a day.) He did not put me on any restrictions for work, just told me to take pain pills as needed and rest ALOT. When working, the pain will turn into a burning sensation around my left hip and left back pelvic area, legs get weak and shaky. My left leg and foot has constant tingling as if it is asleep.
I have 2 kids ages 10 and 11 which both have ADHD, whom I want to do things with, but too much pain prevents me from doing anything but sitting or laying down. I used to be able to go walking for fun and exercise, but since the pain gets intense when walking, I have not been able to, so therefore I have put on alot of weight. I do not know where to go from here. I have not been back to the drs. for this in over a year, since the MRI was done. The MRI was in April 2002, surgery will cause me to lose my job, and as for taking pain medications - I do not want to feel drugged up all the time. Any suggestions?

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