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Thank you everyone :wave:
I am filing a complaint against the WC insurance company, I don't want this supervisor to beable to treat people this way. I found out by my attorney I will have to go thru NYC and there is a website to beable to turn him in which I will be more than happy to do so. This guy must think I enjoy being in this much pain, and truthfully I want my life back. My Ortho wants to do surgery asap, that was in November, but because of this WC adjuster I am up against a brick wall. The courts approved the surgery. Which means this adjuster has to get off his butt and send the proper paperwork out, and he just wants to be plain nasty. Baxter I did print out the chronic pain letter, I am thinking of sending this out to the adjuster and make him read it. WC sucks those who are on the system knows it all to well sigh :( but having to deal with an adjuster that turns out to be a supervisor that enjoys being cruel to people that is just plain unprofessional in my book. I will be filing that complaint, and hopefully something can be done about this guy. As for the numbness I will be getting that all checked out, right now my doctors are just trying to control the symptoms that I am having, making sure I don't fall etc.. until I have the surgery. I am just so thankful to have found doctors that know exactly what I am going thru. The discogram I had in October proved that there are alot of things wrong, now I am hoping because of this adjuster I am not becoming worse off by delaying the surgery that was suppose to have been done earlier in the year. I will keep everyone updated, as I will be calling the ortho's office in a few days to make sure they got that paperwork from the insurance company if not, I guess I'll have to have my attorney contact them again. I hope you all have a great Wednesday, finally we are getting some awesome :bouncing: weather.

canadate for the prodisc surgery. have herniated disc at L4-5 also have tears in L3-4,and
L5-S1. Had the IDET in 2000 at
L4-5 level. Have nerve blocks under sedation at C5-6 and C6-7 also have numbness down both arms. May have 3 buldging discs in the cervical region as well. due to have surgery for lumbar possibly in september. Have tried everything for lumbar nothing has worked, including significant weight loss.

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