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What do you do when you are in pain and you can't get past a receptionist? Don't the patients have some kind of rights, especially post operatively? I've been in pain for over a week now and all the nurse offered me was a Medrol pack, which I took but didn't help, and when I called back to say I was still having problems, the nurse got real snotty with me. She finally offered me an appointment for Thursday but nothing for pain at all and no suggestions!! My pain is exactly like it was before surgery so I'm really worried that I've hurt something in there. Short of taking 8 Tylenol at a time or buying some Vicodin on the street, what should I do?


09/02 - plain x-rays showing spondylolisthesis
10/02 - diagnosed with bilateral spondylosis with spondylolisthesis and wide central disc bulge at L5-S1 causing severe nerve root impingement on MRI
01/29/03 - Anterior discectomy and fusion using Allograft and posterior fusion with rods and screws and bone graft from hip

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