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In 1994 I developed a severe pain in my right calf. I was referred to a neurosurgeon, who diagnosed it as spinal stenosis, causing a pinched nerve. In February 1995 I had a laminectomy without a discectomy at L4-5. This caused my right leg to be completely numb. I was told that the numbness would go away. At this time I was also told that I might experience a burning sensation in my foot. About 2 weeks after surgery, I had regained enough feeling in my leg so that I could walk. The burning in my foot started about the same time. When I talked to the surgeon about it, his response was ďI have seen this go on for years.Ē It has. I have taken ametrypolne (sp?) but all it does is make me tired. In Oct 2001 I had a spinal fusion at L5 S1. A different surgeon, he told me he could stop the burning in my foot, and the pain in my left leg. His diagnosis is degenerative disc disease. The pain in my left leg has gotten worse, hip, thigh and just above the buttocks. The burning in my right foot has also continued to get worse. I now take neurontin at 400 mg 3 times a day for the burning nerve. That helps sometimes. With the burning in my foot, I canít relax and I donít sleep well. Is there anything short of more surgery that might give me some relief?
Hi Tony,

There isnít a pain management center close to here. I have tried the steroid injections, nerve blocks, spinal tap and even had an SI injection. All were a waste of time and money.

The only thing I have found that offers even short-term relief is Reiki. Iíve been taking Reiki treatments for about 2 months. A couple of days after my first treatment, I felt better than I had in years! Not good, but much better. My left leg still hurts like blazes, but I now walk without leaning on my cane, and I have been able to go fishing a couple of times. The treatments have even helped the burning in my foot. I had a treatment this past Wednesday and have had some actual relief from the burning. I donít understand Reiki. It has something to do with the bodyís energy field. I just know that it works for me and I would recommend it to anyone.


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