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Patmg: concerning your previous post:

[quote]Originally posted by Patmg:
[b]Hi Mokita: degeneration)

Right now, my low back is giving me massive problems whereby I feel like I have to "move my bowels" a lot. Does anybody else get this? Do you, Mokita? Plus, instead of the sensation of having to pee, like normal, I tend to get pain. They've done an MRI and say no nerves are being impinged in the lumbar spine. However, because when I sit or am upright, my spine is crushing downward and then I have nerve impingement. MRI's are done lying down. No doctor has said this, but my doctor does acknowledge this is most likely true. I have 15 painful disks in my spine and I know that pain and this suffering all too well. My best of luck to you in finding out through your doctor what you have going on inside. Take care and wish I could be here more, but spine just does not permit too much computer sitting. Patmg [/b][/quote]

Hi Pat:
Not sure if this will be any help- but a Dallas Urologist pioneered a way to do imaging a few yrs ago while standing up - this was designed by him for urological problems (of men evidentally since it's for standing!) - but POSSIBLY there's now ALSO a technique for imaging back problems while sitting or at least standing(??) Maybe do a search on the web to find a Doc or clinic who does this? IF NOT - someone ;) needs to take the initiative & make their fame & fortune & design one for situations like yours- where the discs crunch together while standing/sitting. It wld seem to me this is common in back problems & should be addressed in imaging techniques.

Lots of luck & hope you're feeling somewhat better ea day!
Laura :)

Mar 2003:Micro-Discectomy w/Hemilaminectomy L5-S1
Prior to that 4 mos of Sciatic pain; left side
Herniated Disc L5/S1
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