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Re: Hi Everyone!!
Jul 7, 2003
Hi all :wave:

Sorry it has taken me so long to post again, but this going back to work is killing me. :eek:

SC...I have not had any facial symptoms at all. My pain is all in my lower back and legs. I know what you mean about patience. That has been a long, hard lesson for me to learn. I found out the hard way to never pray for patience...or God WILL put something on you to give you patience [img][/img]

Coby...I still have numbness in my left leg, the one affected before surgery. The back of my leg and the outside of my foot are still numb..also my two smallest toes. I don't have any pain in that leg at all anymore, though. Now it seems the pain has moved over to my other side, the right one. I have this stabbing, burning pain in my lower back on the right side. It shoots down my leg much like the left side before surgery. This concerns me because I am afraid I have re-herniated the disc or maybe even something else is wrong. And, there is something wrong, I know it. I am very worried, but I go see my neuro tomorrow so I should have some answers then. Just keep your fingers crossed for me. How are your symptoms doing? Any new ones?

Well, it's bed time for me. [img][/img] I will check in tomorrow and see how everyone is doing? Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a pain free day tomorrow. :round:

Love to you all :angel:

April 14, 2003 - L5S1 laminotomy/decompression of the spine. 5 hour surgery. One nerve almost severed by herniation, two nerves adhered together b/c of inflammation. Neurosurgeon had to reattach the almost severed nerve. He also coated the nerves that were stuck together with silicone.
May 27, 2003 - returned to work full time. The first week was agonizing.
July 1, 2003 - still having a lot of pain. The last two weeks the pain is has moved to the right side, just above my hip. It is a stabbing, burning pain, very severe. I still have no feeling down the back of my left leg, the outside of my foot and my two smallest toes. Appointment with the neurosurgeon July three month visit.

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