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Hi all.

In my neverending quest to figure out what the heck is wrong with me - I had an xray done yesterday on my coccyx (tailbone). It is long overdue as That particular pain began w/ birth of my first child (see signature).

I had the xray done - 2 on my back, one on my left side. The girl came back in and I asked her "so, I know you're not allowed to tell me anything, but...I'll pretend I didn't hear.. did you find something funny?" Her response was "well, that's what we were looking at & why we want another pic on your back, to make it darker"

On the order form, the doc had written Lumbosacral Spondylosis. I realize that's not necessarily what they found... but, Can anyone tell me what that is?

I have to call my doc's office tomorrow to have them request fax copy of report. Then, hopefully, someone will tell me what's wrong w/ my tailbone at least.

All other pain will have to wait it's turn. ;)

TIA for any help!


9/22/00 24 hour labor, baby posterior, left tailbone killing me
12/00 MRI - PCP said nothing amiss - but, had to begin taking vicodin
2/8/02 - 2nd baby born after long, painful pregnancy, weight gain didn't help
2000-11/02 various PT + pain meds
11/02 Referred to Neuro
3/03 NEW MRI - shows slight bulge L3-L4,slight DDD, neural foramen involved, Superior aspect S1 and L5 Nerve root involvement -Neuro Refers to PM for ESI
3/03 PM Doc orders ESI
3/21,4/1,4/8 - ESI's no help
5/9 - Discogram - shows Tear L4 w/ significant leak onto nerves, DDD
Performing doc oversedated, False Negative (pm doc & I agree)
New Consult w/ Dept Head Cleveland Clinic 7/8 to discuss possible new discogram/IDET candidacy
7/8-Doc ordered Facet Joint nerve block for 7/29 to rule out/identify as pain generator. If not, new discogram.
Also, thinks tailbone prob is dif issue - wants x-ray - THOUGHT I had one - didn't!! They are ordering.
Hi Linda!

I'm ahead of myself this week.... by one day! Will be thinking of you tomorrow then! ;)

As for my tear... After Cleveland Cl does facet joint injection and we rule that out as the cause of pain - THEN we'll repeat discogram to be sure of the readings. It will be done By the Dept Head @ ClCl, so... until then? We're doing nothing but waiting for July 28th. Don't know how long they'll want to give the F.J. Injection before scheduling DG... probably at least a week but not more than 2? I'm guessing - which always gets me in trouble [img][/img]

Will let you know where we're headed!

As far as waiting til the Clinic reads your MRI? I do NOT blame you. This report for my xray is not very convincing either way, ya know? I look forward to Doc M's take on them.

Take care....


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