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Hi snowfrog,

Firstly....count on being denied your first go-around. There are certain things SSD requires in order to determine your ability to (ever) work again. Problem with SSD is your condition must have already lasted for a year (can't even claim it until 6 months after injury) and you must be termed as "completely" disabled in the field you are experienced in. Even if you worked at a Taco Bell when you were a teen. SSD will see that as a possibility for employment for you. They also consider age, education background, and a myriad of other factors.

Please don't think I am cold saying this...but I've been there, I know. The majority SSD reps really just don't care. Reading pages of explanations means nothing to them. And remember...the SSD rep has NOTHING to do with awarding you your benefit, they are there ONLY to take your information and get the paperwork started (or going). Showing them your MRI won't help. What WILL help is the MRI technicians' report on your MRI (this you can have copies made of).

Another MUST have what is called a PR-3 form filled out on you by your attending physician for your ailment. This form is very specific and is sent to the state for someone there to determine your percent of disability.

Have a copy of EVERYTHING you want them to have that you believe is beneficial to your case. Do NOT assume signing the "Authorization to Release Information" will give them anything to win your case. They will ask and get whatever and base your case on whatever they get. That's what they did to me. I gave them releases to my surgeon, the discogram, the PT reports, my chiro reports, etc. etc. etc.

And they still denied me based on the first 2 months of my injury (heck, they didn't even KNOW what was up then!). They apparently only asked for the "older" records (because I know the people and my doctor would have been Johnny on the Spot--I've been a patient of his for over 20 years). So make sure you GIVE THEM COPIES of everything you deem important in the decision making. If they want it (also) from it's source, fine. But in the are at least assured the information you want them to see--will be seen.

Good luck to you. Another thing. It takes at least 6 months to get a check coming in. Even though they do give you a year's "back-pay" are still stuck with nothing until that time. Prepare for it (if you can).

Oct 2000: Repetitive Stress Injury-Inverted Hernia
Feb 2001: MRI. Shows only slight bulge at L4-L5
Dec 2001: Discogram/CT scan shows Inverted Hernia at L5-S1. L4-L5 & L5-S1 ruptured in all 4 quadrants. Unable to walk.
Feb 2002: IDET, Nucleoplasty, Intra-Discal Injections
Sept 2002: Rated in the top 10% for successful patients. Retraining for new career.

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