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Hi B2B :wave:

It's just amazing to me how many micro-d's we have going on this board at this time who are from this area in Michigan! I might start concluding this area is bad on backs ;) - except - I came here from Texas & that's where I had my surgery! On the L5-S1 Hemilaminectomy/Micro-Disc thread, there are 3 of us! Daubie from the Holly area, Lisa from Sterling Hts & me from Troy! Come join us on the other thread & you'll learn everything you ever want to know (& more ;)!) about pre & post discectomies! Actually, Lisa just had her surgery last wk I believe- & also had 2 discs done. Some of the posters had leg/foot numbness/dropped foot,etc. & have varying degrees of post operative success with the return of feeling. No one on the thread has regretted having the surgery -with time, everyone seems to just keep getting better! Since you asked: as for me, I worked for a Medical Practice in Texas in the MIS Dept for almost 20 yrs - then quit & went to Munich w/my husband's position as engineering liason for BMW between his co. & them. (luckily he was born in Bavaria & knew the Bayerisch dialect!) - then came back to Texas & worked 3 yrs in a different career just 3 min from my home! I quit the Fri before the Mon micro-d - then 2 wks to the day later- husband's job moved so we moved across country to here! I've been off wk ever since. May consider going back to work- think I'll see if I survive a MI winter first! (we Texans tend to literally freeze when it gets below 32 F ;) Actually, if I cld make it in Germany- I suppose it's about the same here. -Always had plenty of "anti-freeze" [img][/img] over there tho- so much fun/hot wine/schnapps/Octoberfest/wine-beer-music fests!. Guess I'll hafta stock up!
Back to the leg sensations, my Doc's office said all types of pain can continue to 160 days & is all related to the nerve healing/wakening & yes sometimes being irritated. I actually thought I'd re-herniated at about 2 1/2 wks -pain was much worse than before surgery -overdid (how can you not?) on the move of course & then sat too much (I agree that sitting seems to be hardest on our backs & I didn't find this board til 2 mos or so into post op & never heard I shldn't sit!) -When we come to realize most things we enjoy are bad for us- I really didn't think that would include SITTING! -Geeeeeeeesh!ha ha -
Anyway an MRI at 3 wks was interpreted as scar tissue/inflammation but no reherniation. Vioxx was my best friend during that time -2nd only to my kitty.-oh-& I guess I shld add my hubby!
Anyway- I believe that with time-as we continue healing & build up the muscles in our backs - sitting will become more comfortable - as will everything else.
Are you doing GENTLE exercises designed to ensure scar tissue doesn't adhere? Am I right in understanding that you had leg/foot numbness previously but the numbness has subsided somewhat & is now replaced with jumpiness & shooting pains occas.? If that's the case-it does sound to me like your nerves are re-awakening- you're certainly having feeling there & w/time the pain shld subside. As far as me having leg jumpiness-wld you describe that more as nerve pain or muscle spasm? I never had the numbness or jumpiness- but butt/leg pain. Since the surgery, I'm having some muscle spasms in my back down to my feet-like a giant wave of electricity when I roll over on my back frm my side & occas.butt/leg pain when I mop, sweep, feed the cat, sit (at computer,etc) too long. But all in all, much better. Some on our thread at 4 1/2 mos (I'm almost at 4) are doing GREAT- jogging,aerobics,etc. SEEMS to me like those who had Phys Therapy after surgery did the best. We've heard that it takes 9 mos to FULLY recover from this however- so my bet is you'll keep getting better ea day! May want to ck out the ankle swelling tho -w/your "Family Doc" just to make sure there's no reaction to medicine or something you need to address/& for peace of mind.

Laura :)
Wow- sorry this was so long! Take care & hope to chat w/you on the other thread.

Mar 2003:Micro-Discectomy w/Hemilaminectomy L5-S1
Prior to that 4 mos of Sciatic pain; left side
Herniated Disc L5/S1
Bulging Disc L4/L5

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