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Hi Karoga! :wave:

We're neighbors! I'm in Ashtabula County!

I am sorry about your husband's unexplained pain. The 'not knowing' just makes it So much worse. You start to even question yourself, which doesn't help matters.

You mention that the Neurosurgeon doesn't think the prob is in the neck? My suggestion is Go to the Neurosugeon. They have more training than other doctors. Neurosurgeon's do Nerves, right? (I know it's much more complicated than that... just the Name indicates nerves :)) And... your husband is having all the tingling/shooting sensations going down his arms accompanied by numbness. THAT is nerves.

This is just my opinion. Others will surely be by to offer theirs. :)

Good luck and keep us posted.


PS the Thread "Believe in your doctor" offers some good names of neurosurgeons at the Cleveland Clinic!

9/22/00 24 hour labor, baby posterior, left tailbone killing me
12/00 MRI - PCP said nothing amiss - but, had to begin taking vicodin
2/8/02 - 2nd baby born after long, painful pregnancy, weight gain didn't help
2000-11/02 various PT + pain meds
11/02 Referred to Neuro
3/03 NEW MRI - shows slight bulge L3-L4,slight DDD, neural foramen involved, Superior aspect S1 and L5 Nerve root involvement -Neuro Refers to PM for ESI
3/03 PM Doc orders ESI
3/21,4/1,4/8 - ESI's no help
5/9 - Discogram - shows Tear L4 w/ significant leak onto nerves, DDD
Performing doc oversedated, False Negative (pm doc & I agree)
New Consult w/ Dept Head Cleveland Clinic 7/8 to discuss possible new discogram/IDET candidacy
7/8-Doc ordered Facet Joint nerve block for 7/29 to rule out/identify as pain generator. If not, new discogram.
Also, thinks tailbone prob is dif issue - wants x-ray - THOUGHT I had one - didn't!! They are ordering.

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