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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi everyone!

I woke up this morning and could bearly roll out of bed. :confused: As most of you know I had a lumber fusion on 5/25 - L4/L5, discectomy with instrumentation and bone graft (left hip). As I have described my recovery has been very uneventful and for the most part has gone well. I was released from the hospital two days before projected and have been taking regular walks. Also, my nerve related problems improved almost immediately following surgery.

I have posted that on Thursday and Friday I was having a new pain .. only it was in my right lumber region and was like a sharp pain that would cause me to scream from the sharpness of it. Also, I was feeling some weird pins and needle nerve stuff in both leg. However, I did nothing but rest and by Sunday the pain was gone (much to my relief), so I just wrote it off to overdoing. The hardest part of post surgery recovery for me is that I have difficulty resting.

Anyway, sorry for being so long winded! This leads me to my new pain. It is mainly in my left buttock region and there is a pressure point that hurts to touch next to my spine (surgical area) and hurts like I can't even describe. Feels kind of like an ongoing charlie horse with terrible spasms. When I am laying down it is relatively controlled (only hurts to roll over), however if I try to walk it hurts so bad that I have to grasp anything near me for support. My father came by tonight and couldn't believe the the pain I'm in. My left hip is where I had the bone graft, but that pain from the bone graft subsided two or three weeks ago. I'm so alarmed and upset. I haven't done anything unusual. I am just wondering if others who have had fusions have experienced anything like this six weeks post surgery. If the pain the hasn't subsided by tomorrow I will call my Doctor.

Any comments or thoughts are greatly appreciated. :angel:

Jo :wave:[/FONT][/COLOR]

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