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This could also be inflammation. I had a micro-d L5-S1 in March, 2001. 2 weeks post op my entire right leg felt like it was extremely swollen and ON FIRE! I was out of my mind with burning pain. Had another MRI to check for re-herniation. It did not reherniate.

Doc put me on the methylprednisone 4 mg. (steroid pack). After 3 days I felt 95% better! All that burning pain was due to inflammation.

After that episode was over....then did the usual healing. But I want to let you know that it took approximatley a year and a half for me to feel "pretty good." I'm doing good for the most part now (2 years later), have lost weight, and FAITHFULLY walk every night. I still have good days and bad days, but for the most part, I am better and do not regret having the surgery. The main reason I had my surgery was due to extreme leg weakness in BOTH legs, bug crawling sensations all over both legs, my legs felt heavy, like I was always dragging them, and severe muscle twitching. Had (have) burning and severe numbness in right thigh.

Leg strength came back, ankle reflexes came back, big toe is strong again, no more bug crawling sensations, and no more muscle twitching.

I do have 'reminders' every day that I have had the surgery, but so far I can deal with it and am very mobile. The thing that surgery didn't help with is the numb right thigh....and some burning in the thigh. That seems to have improved some......maybe due to the 55 pound weight loss and the walking and light stretching regime that I do faithfully everyday.

So.....there is hope. You are only a few months out of surgery......give it some time, be careful in your movements. I wouldn't do anything too strenuous until about 4 months post-op. I know the docs tell you "6 weeks," but it is definitely longer than that. You should continually get better....little by little. Back surgery does take a long time to heal.

Keep us posted on your progress and I hope I have helped some.


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